How tall is Bruno Mars? Does Bruno Mars wear elevator shoes?

November 04, 2019

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Bruno Mars’ height is 5’5 (165cm) without shoes. However, he often appears taller, since he’s fond of elevator shoes and can be seen wearing them during live performances and award ceremonies. He is known for his audacious dressing and for setting new fashion trends.  

Bruno Mars is an American singer and songwriter. He is known for his vintage-inspired stage appearances and talent for playing multiple musical instruments. He is one of the most influential musicians of our time and has won numerous accolades for his outstanding contribution to music, including eleven Grammy Awards and four Guinness World Records. He is also among the youngest celebrities to appear on the cover of Time  and Forbes magazines, and to be thrice listed among the world’s most powerful celebrities by Celebrity 100. He is also one of the most viewed celebrities on YouTube, where his videos have garnered billions of views.  

In this post, we’ll look at some instances where Bruno Mars is wearing elevator shoes, and at some, where he isn’t.  


In the above photo, Bruno Mars can be seen standing in his usual red carpet outfit at a Grammy Awards ceremony. He is dressed in a three-piece grey suit that goes perfectly with his black oxford shoes. Besides being beautiful, Bruno’s shoes have a unique feature – they carry a slight elevation (approximately 2 inches) that makes him look taller than his real height (5’5 or 165cm).


The above photo is from the 2016 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, where Bruno Mars can be seen in a memorable look – a tuxedo topped by an epic floor-length fur coat and a pair of gold-framed brown Navigators shaped in a retro look. His Cuban-heeled shoes are going perfectly with this attire and have amplified his stage appearance, besides increasing his height by almost 4 inches.  Thus, Bruno must have stood close to 5’9 (175cm), thanks to his shoe-lifts that are more popular today than ever.


The year 2016 became the turning point in Bruno Mars’s career. He released three successful singles – 24K Magic, That’s What I Like, and Finesse – and gave smashing performances in several events during that year, including a duet with Beyoncé in the 2016 NFL Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show. In the above photo, Bruno Mars can be seen donned in a tight, black leather suit and a stylish pair of Nike  sneakers. However, his shoes appear to be carrying some elevation, since Bruno Mars, who is 5’5 (165cm), appears only slightly shorter than Beyoncé, who is close to 5’7 (169cm) and is wearing heeled boots that might have elevated her by approximately 3 inches. Hence, Bruno Mars could be wearing shoe heel  inserts inside his Nike shoes in this event.


In this photo, Bruno Mars is standing next to Rain (right) and Philip Lawrence (left). Rain is 6’ (183cm) tall, while Lawrence is nearly 5’8 (173cm). However, it doesn’t seem that Bruno is standing at his actual height (5’5 or 165cm) since his shoes have thick soles and might have an elevation of up to 3 inches. Thus, this could be another instance where Bruno Mars has put on elevator shoes.  

We saw in the above photos that Bruno Mars loves elevator shoes and carries them well. However, he isn’t obsessed with these shoes and doesn’t wear them every time he goes out for a walk. Let’s take a look at the instances where he’s not wearing any height-increasing shoes.


In this photo, Bruno Mars is standing with Alicia Keys. Keys is 5’6 (168cm) tall, whereas Bruno stands at 5’5 (165cm) without elevator shoes. Here, the height difference between Keys and Bruno appears to be slightly more than 1 inch, since Keys is wearing high heels that have helped her stand taller than her normal height. Also, both the celebrities have pompadoured hair, which has enabled them to appear slightly taller than their actual heights.


Bruno Mars is a patron of dazzling clothes and does not shy away from adding his own style to them. In this photo, he can be seen wearing a silk bomber jacket designed by Versace, paired with a red T-shirt, black trousers and Versace  loafers. This could be one of those occasional events where Bruno did not slip into one of his favourite pairs of elevator shoes, yet managed to awe the audience with his impeccable dressing.

Bruno Mars is the epitome of style and good taste. With his enormous success and stardom, he has proven that a short physique does not come in the way of a person’s success. If you are looking for a nice pair of height-increasing shoes that can match with your personality, we suggest trying JENNEN Shoes. They are built with top-class materials and provide a super comfortable fit, no matter the surface. Join over 200,000 men and women, including business magnates, politicians and sports celebrities, who stand taller and confident with JENNEN Shoes.


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-- Hussain Dehlvi. Content Writer @ JENNEN Shoes.