Formal Shoes for Men

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There’s nothing like a man with some height to spare. If your genes or posture have let you down, not to worry – JENNEN Shoes has exactly the right type of elevator shoes for men to fit your needs. In fact, we produce the best dress shoes for men in the industry.

Even better, all of our dress shoes are designed in Melbourne. You’ll get the comfort of a padded and thickened in sole near the heel with the style and fashion of modern aesthetics packaged into a pair of footwear you won’t want to go to your friend’s wedding without.

Formal Shoes for All Aesthetics

Need formal elevator shoes in a particular colour or style? Not a problem; JENNEN Shoes has the widest variety and biggest collection of elevated formal shoes and dress shoes across Australia.

Our wide selection of formal shoes for sale come in colours like brown, beige, black, and more. We also offer a variety of different styles so you feel right at home, whether you’re looking for a perfect pair of wedding shoes, casual elevator shoes, elevator boots, or something totally different.

Choose the Height to suit Your Needs

At JENNEN Shoes, we know that a single size of formal shoes for every man isn’t the way to go. That’s why we’ve designed our formal dress shoes to be comfortable and offer varying degrees of height boosts in multiple sizes.

For instance, men who only need a slight boost in height can go for our 5 cm formal dress shoes. Men who want to be a little taller than average can go for our 10 cm formal dress shoes. Either way, we sell formal shoes across Australia in a variety of different sizes and colours, so you’ll be able to combine aesthetics with height perfectly.

No matter which height you choose, we guarantee you’ll get used to walking around in our JENNEN elevator formal shoes in as little as 30 minutes. You’ll be ready to dance in no time.

Black and Brown Formal Shoes for Men

If you’re in the market for elevated brown or black formal shoes formal shoes, our wide collection of quality designed shoes is exactly what you’re looking for. Ranging from traditional to more modern styles, our black and brown formal shoes for men will suit any type of proper occasion or even you have coming up.

Unlike regular formal shoes, our black and brown formal shoes have been designed to give you a much better layer of support, allowing you to walk and stand around for hours comfortably. Shop our range of black formal shoes for men online with JENNEN Shoes today.