New Arrivals

New Arrivals for Men

Some shoes are comfortable. Others add a bit of height. Why not both?

That’s what we set out to create at JENNEN each and every day, and it's why our collections of men and women's elevated shoes are growing all the time! Above, you’ll see a fresh batch of new arrivals created with the same quality standards and Melbourne-based fashion designs to keep things fresh and offer new elevated shoe options to those who want to walk a little taller.

Sneakers, Shoes, Boots, and More!

No matter what you need or what the occasion, JENNEN Shoes has elevated shoes for you.

Need some sneakers so you can hang out with your friends or relax on the weekend while looking at your best? Try our elevated sneakers and slip-on leather shoes. Some of them are even made with vegan-friendly materials!

Or maybe you need some elevated shoes so you can impress your boss and look confident at your next work meeting. In that case, our durable but comfortable men’s formal shoes and business boots have your name on them. These come in a variety of styles and colours to go well with your work attire, whatever that may be.

Need some formal shoes so your bride doesn’t tower above you during your wedding? Check out our men’s formal wedding shoes – these new arrivals offer styles and colour options never seen before on the site!

How Tall Can You Go?

Want to add just a little height to your profile? No worries – our new arrivals are full of shoes that can boost you by between 2 and 2.4 inches.

Want to go a little taller? Check out some of our boots that can boost your height up to about 3.2 inches.

Either way, there’s sure to be some new elevated footwear for you in the collection above. Check it out and leave your feedback so we know which style to create next!