Elevator Heels

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 Mens Heeled Boots

JENNEN Shoes’ most popular collection of men’s heeled shoes are our elevator boots, designed locally in Australia. This collection of high-quality elevator heels and boots are made to bolster your height and offer maximum practicality and durability over the long-term. Whether you need high heel work boots or office-appropriate footwear to go with your new suit, there’s sure to be an elevator boot ready for you in the collection above.

Extra Height for Any Man

Adding a few inches of height with our high heel shoes for men is a sure-fire way to look your best and impress your co-workers at your next meeting, or impress your date when you take her out over the weekend. That’s why we provide men's formal boots and heel shoes in a wide range of sizes and styles.

All of our raised heel shoes and elevator boots can increase your height by between 6 and 10 cm depending on your choice. Even better, you can add height insoles for extra height. Regardless of your choice, the extra height the men's boots designed with a heel will be totally hidden so you can look confident and naturally tall.

Colours and Styles for Any Need

No two boots are like, as any man who works on his feet will tell you. At JENNEN Shoes, you can find brown, black, and grey work boots perfect for men constantly on their feet and moving from job to job. But you can also find high boots for indoor work, variable weather conditions, business meetings, and more – the style variety is almost infinite!

As an Australian owned brand, we pride ourselves on being able to produce comfortable, form fitting and trendy high heels black boots. Best of all, each of our boots comes with a unique combination of colour, style, and height increase. Browse our selection above and find the men's elevator boots that combine all three factors together perfectly for your needs. No matter what you choose, each pair of our high heel boots for men are lightweight, comfortable to wear all day, and designed in Melbourne to offer a phenomenal fashion sense for any occasion. 

Raised Heel Work Boots

When it comes to finding the right pair of heeled work boots that suits your style and type of work, we guarantee you can’t go wrong with a high end range of high boots for men, available online from JENNEN Shoes. 

Shop our collection of high quality men's heeled shoes today!