Vegan Shoes

Vegan Boots

Its one thing to find workable and comfortable elevator shoes that lift you up by just enough that you feel more confident when you go on a date or have an important business meeting. Its another thing to find elevator shoes made with vegan and eco-friendly materials.

At JENNEN Shoes, we dont settle for the bare minimum. Thats why we offer an amazing collection of lightweight vegan elevator shoes made entirely without animal products. With these vegan shoes, you can maintain a vegan lifestyle and enjoy a little extra height the next time you go out on the town, into work or to a formal occasion, such as a wedding.

Vegan-Friendly Materials

At JENNEN Shoes, we produce our vegan shoes in Australia without animal products whatsoever. Instead, each pair of elevator shoes, ranging from our vegan sneakers to our vegan boots, are created with canvas and microfiber materials based on what the style demands.

Since each of our shoes is designed in Melbourne, we can combine phenomenal style and modern fashion trends with eco-consciousness like no one else. The resulting vegan elevator shoes are soft, lightweight, and yet still durable enough to provide you with lasting height benefits for years to come.

No compromise on Comfort

Best of all, each of our vegan-friendly elevator shoes is completely comfortable to wear, even for hours on end. No longer do you have to suffer through uncomfortable or stilting elevator shoes and sneakers that make you stumble around when you follow your date.

Plus, you can even break your vegan elevator shoes in with just 30 minutes of walking around. Youll be able to walk with confidence and stand a little taller without hurting your feet or any animals.

Check out our vast collection of vegan-friendly elevator shoes above. We offer a selection of different styles and colours, as well as heights. Our men's vegan sneakers and elevator shoes can boost your height between 2 and 3.2 inches.

Men's Vegan Boots and Shoes

Are you looking to buy a pair of high quality elevated vegan shoes in Australia? Designed in Melbourne, our fantastic collection of men's vegan shoes will be able to lift you up while giving you the comfort and support you need to get through the day. From runners, sneakers, slip ons to men's vegan work boots and formal shoes, we guarantee there is something for everyone in our store.

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