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JENNEN Shoes are the expert designers of height increasing shoes in Australia. With a focus on providing quality products and exceptional customer service, JENNEN Shoes have helped over 200,000 men stand taller in style. 

JENNEN elevator shoes are designed to be lightweight and durable. The shoe lift innersoles built inside JENNEN Shoes are padded to maximise comfort and support.

Formerly known as Taller Shoes (www.taller.com.au), the Australian company experienced a brand update in 2017. JENNEN Shoes is still operated by the same Melbourne-based owners, managers and designers of Taller Shoes.


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Established in 2007, JENNEN’s elevator shoes were first marketed towards shorter men who wanted to appear taller. As a result, only small-sized shoes were initially offered. However, due to a dramatic increase in demand for larger sized shoes, it quickly became clear that both short and tall guys wanted to wear elevator shoes. As a result, JENNEN Shoes provides height increasing shoes from size 6-12 US. For customers with even larger feet, JENNEN Shoes recommends Ezylift Insoles that can be inserted into regular shoes for extra height and comfort.

Elevator shoes aren’t just worn by men who want to be taller. Many men wear taller shoes because of the raised position of the heel. The structure of elevator shoes are perfect for correcting bad posture as they encourage the wearer to stand upright.

Elevator shoes and shoe lifts have also been recommended by many doctors, osteopaths and podiatrists to alleviate foot and leg pain for common injuries.

Thousands of men also wear elevator shoes due to having a taller partner. JENNEN Shoes have made thousands of women happy, by allowing them to wear high heels without towering over their men. This is especially the case at weddings and other formal events. 


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The JENNEN Team has met thousands of customers in-store, all with different reasons of wanting to walk taller. Customers range in height from under 150cm tall (5ft) to well over 183cm (6ft).

Some of the tallest customers that JENNEN Shoes have helped, include police officers, security guards, bouncers, actors, basketballers and AFL players. The tallest customer to visit the JENNEN Store was 195cm (6’5”). With JENNEN Shoes, he stood at over 200cm (6’8”). There may even be taller customers not yet recorded, as the majority of customers purchase online. If you’re over 195cm and have purchased elevator shoes from JENNEN, please write in!

Not all elevator shoes are made the same. Some companies design elevator shoes with a sole focus on adding as much height as possible, disregarding the need for them to be comfortable or on trend. As a result, they are often bulky and heavy. They may also be cheaply made, which will be evident of the retail price. Simply put, if something costs more to be made, then it will have a higher retail price.

JENNEN elevator shoes are designed in Melbourne with a focus on quality, style and comfort. As a result, many loyal customers return periodically to purchase new on-trend shoe designs. 


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