How It Works

All JENNEN shoes are built up inside to offer between 5-10cm of extra height. The visible outsole of JENNEN shoes is 2-3cm thick, depending on the style. The remainder of the height is provided internally by thick polyurethane insoles, that are thickest at the heel and become thinner towards the toe. Due to the gradual taper and cushioned insoles, JENNEN shoes are much more comfortable than women’s high heels.

The fact that they also encourage the wearer to stand up straight with their weight on their heels, rather than on their toes, is the reason why many podiatrists and physiotherapists have recommended JENNEN shoes.

The upper back of JENNEN shoes are slightly higher than regularly shoes. This is necessary for comfort and ensuring that the wearer’s heels do not slip out when walking.



Niall is 6' (183cm) without shoes and Stephanie is 5'8 (173cm) without heels.

Depending on which high heels Stephanie wears, she stands at 5'11 and 6'1 (180-185cm) in the photos below.

When Niall wears regular shoes, he's 6'1 (185cm).

When Niall wears JENNEN shoes, he's 6'2 to 6'3 (188-190cm) depending on the style.