How It Works


Established in 2007, JENNEN Shoes is a Melbourne company that specialises in the design of elevator shoes.

JENNEN Shoes have helped over 200,000 men stand taller, including Hollywood celebrities, Australian politicians, AFL players, basketball players, lawyers, businessmen, police officers, security guards and grooms.

JENNEN Shoes are built-up internally to offer a hidden height-increase of between 4-10cm depending on the style. The visible outer heel is only 2cm thick, which is comparable to normal shoes. The extra height-increase is provided internally by thick shoe lift insoles that won't compress over time. These insoles are specifically designed for JENNEN Shoes and are too thick to insert into regular shoes.

The upper back of JENNEN Shoes are slightly higher than regular shoes. This ensures that the wearer’s heels do not slip out when walking and is why shoe lift insoles greater than 2cm thick cannot fit into regular shoes.

The construction of JENNEN Shoes allows for the height-increase without compromising on style or comfort. Due to the gradual taper and cushioned insoles, JENNEN Shoes are comfortable to wear all day.

JENNEN Shoes also encourages good posture, as it's far more comfortable to stand upright and look directly ahead rather than to slouch forward. 

JENNEN Shoes are built with quality in mind. They're constructed with durable rubber outsoles and quality uppers that are both stitched and glued to the outsoles. 

All JENNEN Shoes come with a 90 day warranty and should last a good year if cared for. 



Niall is 6' or 183cm without shoes and Stephanie is 5'8 or 173cm without heels.

Though this 10cm height difference seems like a substantial amount, as soon as Stephanie wears 4-inch high heels, she is almost as tall as Niall when he wears regular shoes.

When Niall wears JENNEN Shoes, he's 6'3 or 190cm tall.

how it works