Formal Wedding Shoes

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Wedding Shoes For Men

Whether its your wedding day or the special day of a friend or family member, you have to look your best. For men, that usually means looking tall and confident.

At JENNEN Shoes, we guarantee you will find the perfect footwear from our collection of wedding shoes for men. Depending on your preferences, youll be able to increase your height by between 5 and 10 cm: a perfect solution so you can look tall and confident, whether youre the groom or the best man!

Wedding Ready

So far, JENNEN Shoes has helped over 50,000 grooms stand a little taller on the most important day of their lives. Through our collection of men's formal wedding shoes, we’ve proudly serviced grooms from cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, and more.

Since no two weddings are exactly alike, we offer a massive collection of different styles and colours for our formal wedding shoes. Most grooms wear black or brown, but we also offer additional colours like red-beige.

Best of all, your bride won’t have to wear short heels – now she can wear whatever she likes without towering over you at the altar!

Comfort and Class

So, what’s the JENNEN Shoes difference? Unlike men's regular wedding shoes sold across Australia, we have created our own version of the formal men’s wedding elevator shoes, designed to be both comfortable and include plenty of support. As men's wedding shoes can be a pain to wear for long hours, we know you’ll not only feel comfortable standing at the altar or walking around your wedding location, but you’ll also feel relaxed enough to set the dance floor on fire.

In fact, each of our elevator wedding shoes can be broken in with just about 30 minutes of practice. Our groom shoes are perfect for your wedding, as they will help you look taller and feel comfortable throughout the day. JENNEN shoes are also perfect for members of the wedding party and guests.

Wedding Shoes Australia

When it comes to choosing the right pair of wedding shoes or boots in Australia for your special day, never settle for less. At JENNEN Shoes, our wide selection of men's wedding boots come in a range of different sizes, designs and colours to suit your exact needs and aesthetic. From classic style men's black wedding shoes for grooms to men's brown wedding shoes for wedding guests, we guarantee JENNEN has exactly what you need at a fantastic price.

Shop our collection of high quality wedding shoes today. Australia-wide shipping is also available. Our warehouse is located in Melbourne, and we dispatch all orders within one business day.