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Jonathan, Sydney, 188cm

Trevor, Brisbane, 182cm

Simon, Adelaide, 184cm

Jennen shoes are handcrafted using only the finest leathers and materials. With eleven years experience of manufacturing elevator shoes and over 80 styles to select from, Jennen shoes have helped over 50,000 Australian men stand taller, including celebrities, policemen, businessmen and grooms.

Jennen shoes are experts in designing stylish, comfortable and lightweight height-increasing shoes. From the outside, Jennen shoes look like regular shoes. The outer heels are on average only 2cm thick, while the extra height increase lies in the hidden shoe lift insoles. Jennen shoes offer a total height-increase of 5cm to 10cm.

The shoe lift insoles that lie within Jennen shoes are 3cm to 7cm thick, depending on style. Thick insoles like these cannot fit inside regular shoes or boots without causing discomfort to the wearer.

Jennen shoes are designed from the inside out ensuring maximum comfort is maintained despite the height-increase. This is achieved through the design of supportive shoe lift insoles that are thickest in the back half of the shoe and taper gradually towards the toe in a way that women’s high heels do not. The structure of Jennen shoes encourages good posture, as the wearer feels more comfortable standing tall and upright with their bodyweight centred over their heels rather than slouching forward onto their toes.

Jennen represents experience in craftsmanship, quality and outstanding customer service. Read hundreds of 5-star reviews from our satisfied customers.

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