5cm | 2 inches Taller

Adding 5 centimetres to your look, while seemingly quite hard to notice at first glance, will add confidence to your overall appearance. Fortunately, adding that little bit extra is exactly what we do best here at JENNEN shoes! Our 5cm men’s elevator shoe range is here to help you look and feel your best, no matter what you’re doing.

Their trendy sensibilities and variety of colours and styles of our 2 inch elevator shoes have gained wide-scale appeal among everyone from executives on the 67th floor, through to hospitality workers, folks out on a day trip to the beach, even joggers and fitness enthusiasts! Combining them with whatever outfits you feel most comfortable in can really let our 5 cm elevator shoes and your newfound height shine bright. Best of all, they’re designed by footwear experts right here in Melbourne, tailored to your feet and your goals! 

Jump onto our accessible, user friendly website today to browse our range of 5cm elevator shoes, and start standing taller now with JENNEN! Our warehouse is located in Melbourne, and we dispatch all orders within one business day.