What is Tom Cruise’s Height? Secret Revealed!

May 01, 2022

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What is Tom Cruise’s Height? – This is perhaps the most searched answer on GOOGLE. Being one of the biggest Hollywood celebrities and an action star, Tom Cruise has earned a massive fan following. Not only the paparazzi, but even the regular citizens are crazy for catching sight of Tom Cruise. What he eats; what he wears; and what he drives – these are some of the common areas of interest for the public. And yes, how many movies he is rolling out every year stays among the highest priorities of the gossipers. But, these gossipers do not feel contented with the general news. They look out for something very personal yet very amusing. And out of all things, it was the “Tom Cruise lift boots” conspiracy that ignited a fluff among the blabbers.    

How tall is Tom Cruise?

Recently, Tom Cruise’s height has become a raging topic among his fans. And as trivial this fact appears, it is gaining popularity like wildfire. And this is not it! People want to know the exact facts. Questions like, “Tom Cruise’s Height in Feet” and “Tom Cruise’s Height in Cm” are trending on public platforms and forums, including Quora and Facebook. People are playing with their speculations and hence, a barrage of questions is darted at the face of this celebrity.

These questions have further germinated suspicions over the use of height-increasing shoes by celebrities. And, Tom Cruise hasn’t been spared from being a suspect of using the taller shoes. While some people believe that Tom Cruise is naturally 5’7” tall, others claim that he wears elevator shoes to look taller in comparison to his peers. One of the alibis for this allegation is that he does so to fetch more work, which is unlikely as he’s already an established star with lots of work for him in the pipeline.


Tom Cruise’s Height vis-à-vis Hollywood

If you create a celeb height comparison chart taking the most established stars like Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, and Johnny Depp, you’ll find that all of these men have a similar height. Of course, there may be a difference of a few inches, but nothing that would immediately catch your attention. But, when you pay attention to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes height difference, you can easily spot that Katie Holmes is 2 inches taller than her ex-husband. This is a compelling fact and may lead you to think that Tom Cruise might be using shoe lifts for gaining some extra inches, and hence, some extra attention!


Seeing Tom Cruise standing next to Cameron Diaz is another shocking site. According to some relevant sources (including Google, of course), it has been confirmed that Cameron Diaz is taller (5’9”) than Tom Cruise (5’7”). Still, as seen in the picture below, Tom Cruise stands at par with her. The only sensible explanation to this phenomenon can be that Tom Cruise does use lift boots to stand taller among other celebrities. This is great news for those who wish to stand a bit taller than their actual height just like their favourite celebrities, without worrying about the critics.   


Tom Cruise dons sleek black formal leather shoes, resembling the style of Mr. Ferras Black.

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-- Hussain Delhvi. Content Writer @ JENNEN Shoes.