Tall shoes for men to provide an extra height increase


These days, men under 6’ can feel short. Teenagers are growing taller and the majority of women are wearing high heels. 

Women feel more attractive and confident when wearing high heels and the results are the same for men when they wear elevator shoes, but without the discomfort. Men can now become taller, feel more confident and attractive.

Taller men can be more intimidating. Our stylist height increasing shoes are worn by men in authoritative positions, including police officers, bouncers and security guards.

Our taller shoes are very popular amongst grooms too. Brides love to wear high heels. Often, if a groom isn’t wearing shoes that make him taller, the bride can appear much taller, slightly taller, the same height, or slightly shorter. When it comes to photos, a groom that’s noticeably taller is what looks best, and that’s why we’ve satisfied thousands of brides and grooms.

We’ve helped so many men in different industries to become taller, and we’ve met many of them: doctors, dentists, musicians, actors, teachers, lecturers, lawyers, real estate agents, bartenders, bricklayers, carpenters, pharmacists and politicians. The list goes on.

JENNEN Shoes are designed in Australia. They're stylish, comfortable and well-made. All our shoes are handcrafted, meaning that they're not produced by a factory machine in a matter of minutes. Our craftsmen sit down and work on each individual shoe. Of course, there are machines involved, but there's also a lot of intricate manual labour, including stitching.

On the contrary, many shoes found at fashionable retailers under $200 are not hand-crafted. When you purchase our elevator tall shoes, you’re paying for an established brand, well made shoes and stylish designs, not to mention the added hidden height-increase.