Gym Shoes for Men

Our men’s gym shoes are perfect for performing squats and deadlifts with a raised heel. Many gym-goers are unable to perform squats or deadlifts to completion, due to not being able to keep their heels on the floor at the bottom of their squat or deadlift.

By wearing elevator gym shoes with heel lifts, you’ll be able to perform squats and deadlifts with a full range of motion.

Our lightweight gym shoes for men have been designed with comfort and style.

Choose from our gym footwear collection, which ranges in heights, styles and colours.

Not only will you perform better squats and deadlifts, but you’ll appear taller. Our gym shoes, designed in Australia, will help improve your posture, as they promote you to stand up straight. Our shoes may also make you feel more confident too.

All stock is located at our Melbourne warehouse and orders are dispatched within one business day.

For orders over $200, we provide free shipping in Australia and New Zealand.

So what are you waiting for? Train smarter and taller with JENNEN.