Why every bride should purchase two pairs of shoes for her wedding day

August 15, 2019

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Your latest soon-to-be-bride whim was to buy ANOTHER pair of bridal shoes. And you are quite nervous to tell your groom because you promised you were going to stick to your budget. The thing is, even though you might be feeling guilty for giving in and buying a second pair of bridal shoes, it’s not a bad idea. In fact, let us tell you why every bride should purchase two pairs of shoes for her wedding day.


- Your shoes hurt your feet



credits: Photo by Maria Mironova on Unsplash

Those bridal stilettos you chose look phenomenal. They are fierce, enhance your legs, look classy… but they torture your feet in ways that you never thought existed. Your white bridal heels look like Cinderella's glass shoes, and they feel as uncomfortable. Save yourself half of the suffering by having at hand a second pair of shoes.


- When should you wear your second pair of bridal shoes?


- Walking down the aisle


This is the moment where all the eyes will be on you. And it’s the moment where you should wear your comfortable bridal shoes with low heels. They will still make you feel glamorous but also secure in every step you make. There is a lot of people who get very nervous when they feel observed so, if you are one of them, maybe a pair of comfortable bridal flats would be even better for you.


- Wedding photos


If you and your groom have a big height gap, you might think that wearing high heels for the photos is the best idea. Sadly, it could be the worst thing to do if you want happy and memorable pictures of your wedding day. You can get comfortable bridal shoes in ivory, with a low or flat heel, to be able to strike cute couple poses to the camera effortlessly.


- Dancing night



credits: Photo by Maria Mironova on Unsplash

Your first dance is important, but you will be dancing for the rest of the night and we want you to be able to show off your best moves. The best comfortable bridal shoes for 2019 do not only include flat and low heels but snickers too. Your second pair of bridal shoes should be an elegant and edgy pair of white elevator sneakers. You can even personalize them with lace of rhinestones, or keep them minimal and simple.


- Wedding at the beach


If part of your ceremony will take place at the beach, you surely will want to wear comfortable bridal sandals. Although the sand can get inside them and make your soles feel weird. A good and trendy second pair of shoes for a beach wedding are barefoot sandals. They will complete your sophisticated and beachy look.


So now you know that a second pair of shoes is not a waste but an investment. If you are looking forward to looking divine and feel like you are walking on clouds, get elevator shoes. They are as comfy as flats and give you an extra lift just like heels does.