What pants to wear with elevator shoes?

October 01, 2019


Men who wear elevator shoes usually have a hard time when dealing with trousers. Their main concern is what pants to wear to make sure the hidden heel is properly disguised and no one notices what type of footwear they are sporting. In today’s post, you will learn what pants to wear with elevator shoes. We will teach you how to match different types of pants with different designs of height increasing shoes to walk taller and with confidence through life without anyone noticing you are wearing lifting shoes.


Classic jeans

Photo by Mnz on Unsplash


Classic jeans are, of course, the safest option. They have a wide boot that can cover most of the shoe. They can be matched with different types of shirts and, even though they can look a little old fashioned, they are never out of place. If you wear high increasing shoes with a high heel, you can rely on this type of trousers to keep your secret safe. They are versatile jeans as well since you can have a pair of white ones and combine them with elevator sandals for a beachy look.


Skinny jeans

Photo by Riccardo Mion on Unsplash


Maybe you thought you could never wear skinny pants and shoes with built-in heel lifters, and that you would be stuck with classic jeans for the rest of your life… like Simon Cowell, who we have never seen wearing any other type of pants than these timeless trousers. But even though skinny jeans don't cover your heel, you can wear elevator shoes with a high hidden heel if you choose height increasing shoes that resemblance army combat boots or that look like trekking shoes. These type of shoes are supposed to be bulky, so no one will look at them twice and realize they add you a pair of extra inches.


Formal trousers

Photo by Gregory Hayes on Unsplash


Formal trousers can be tricky, even if you aren't wearing elevator shoes. If they wrinkle in the wrong places, your overall look will be diminished. What’s the trick to wear height increasing shoes and pants? To tailor them! You should own at least one pair of formal pants that fit you perfectly if you are not a man of ties and suits. When tailoring your pants, wear the men’s formal shoes with hidden heels you are planning to combine them with so the tailor can match the length of the legs with the height of the shoes.





Joggers are ideal for those days when you want to be comfy at home or when training. For this type of trousers, you should wear casual hidden heel shoes or gym elevator shoes, depending on the activity you will perform. If you go to train, match your joggers with gym elevator shoes for maximum comfort when running, lifting or playing any other sport. You can read our post about exercise and gym elevator shoes here. If you are planning on having a chill day out, match your joggers with elevator sneakers. Bulky sneakers are a whole trend now and many famous male celebrities wear them to create a fun and casual attire.