The Best Wedding Elevator Shoes

January 17, 2020

JENNEN Shoes | Height Increasing Shoes for Men

A wedding is one of the most memorable events in our lives. Hence, we ought to be looking our best on this day. At JENNEN Shoes, you’ll find a range of best wedding elevator shoes that will make you stand taller and enhance your confidence on stage.

We are Australia’s leading elevator shoe brand and have over 200,000 happy customers to our credit. We offer a vast range of premium elevator shoes made from A-grade material, laced with the latest JENNEN cushion comfort layer technology that makes the shoe super comfortable.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some stylish shoe designs that’ll help you to look a class apart at weddings or similar occasions.




    Mr. Cavalli is one of the most desired shoe designs at JENNEN Shoes, adored by grooms and businessmen alike. Their elegant and timeless design exudes sophistication and puts an indelible impression on the onlookers. Made from premium grade cow leather and rubber, these stylish wedding shoes will give an instant lift of 7cm, without letting anybody notice. Mr. Webern and Mr. Gershwin, among other models, are some of the best wedding shoes for men that provide an instant lift of 7cm. Sport these brilliant elevator shoes with a two-piece suit to achieve a graceful, on-trend look.

    Fall is becoming one of the most desired times of the year to get married. Hence, a lot of weddings happen during this period. Mr. Gershwin is one of the best wedding elevator shoes that can not only be worn at weddings but also at any formal occasion. Their minimalist yet contemporary design exudes masculine charm and makes you feel your best. Offered in black and brown and even in vegan-friendly material, these classic shoes can match any attire.




      Elevator shoes are specially designed shoes for increasing height. But, they don’t have to be noticeable. At JENNEN Shoes, we take great care in designing and manufacturing each pair of elevator shoes. Our products are laced with built-in, hidden lift insoles and visible outsoles that provide instant height lift of 4-10cm, without anybody noticing. Some of our best-selling tall shoes like Mr. Ferras give an instant height boost of 8cm, without soliciting any unwanted attention. On the outside, they just appear like a stylish pair of regular wedding shoes. Hence, it’s only you who’ll ever know that you’re wearing elevator shoes.




        If you are wearing a suit for any occasion, it is crucial to choose the right colour shoes. No matter how sharp your suit might appear, your outfit will never look good if you have paired it with the wrong shoes. So, for instance, if you are wearing a black suit to a party or a meeting, it is always best to pair it with black shoes. Brown shoes are worn best with a navy blue or charcoal black suit. Mr. Webern is a top choice for weddings and similar occasions. They are available in shiny, matte and brown finishes, and hence, can match a variety of different colour suits. Slip into these voguish elevator shoes and achieve an instant height lift of 7cm.




        Specially designed elevator dress shoes such as Mr. Dragonetti or Mr. Webern Brown immediately increase the height of the wearer by 7cm. Crafted from premium grade cow leather and rubber, these shoes are super comfortable to wear, no matter the surface. You can increase your height by a further 1.2cm by selecting one size larger and inserting the 1.2cm Ezylift insoles in them.

        At JENNEN Shoes, you will find a plethora of stylish men’s height shoes that give an immediate lift of 4-10cm. Mr. Alto is one of the best wedding elevator shoe designs that provide an elevation of 7cm. Worn best at weddings and formal gatherings, these shoes are the epitome of elegance and style.

        JENNEN Shoes offers a wide range of wedding elevator shoes that are specially designed to keep your feet comfortable, no matter the surface. Each pair of elevator shoes at JENNEN Shoes is made from premium grade material. The insole is built from non-compressing polyurethane laced with the JENNEN cushion comfort layer that provides extra support to the feet and improves posture.

        Our elevator shoes are constructed to provide a hidden height boost of 4-10cm depending on the style. They are laced with cushioned insoles that gradually taper on the tip, thus providing maximum comfort to your feet. Buy elevator shoes online at JENNEN Shoes and join over 200,000 men, including some of the most prominent personalities of Australia and overseas, who stand taller and in confidence with JENNEN Shoes.