Tall groom and short bride: When high heels are not enough

June 15, 2019

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Despite the fact that most women consider tallness as an attractive feature in a partner, a lot of them can feel embarrassed if they are much shorter than their boyfriends. Let’s face it: how many times have people criticized a couple with a huge height gap? From comments like “she looks like his daughter” to “they look so awkward together”, a short bride-to-be can recall this type of memories in the worst possible moment: her wedding day. Thankfully, there are many things women can do to overcome the height issue and stand tall next to their loved one.




Use shoes that make you taller

The most obvious solution seems to be to wear high heels, bridal stilettos, bridal wedges shoes or bridal platforms shoes BUT be careful: this is a good option as long as you can pull it off and walk svelte as a gazelle, and not clumsy as Bambi on Ice. Choose a heel you feel comfortable with because, though you might think you will be sitting down for the majority of your ceremony, you will need to make one important walk: the one down the aisle. And you don’t want to mess that up.


Use shoes that are comfortable

Above all, for your wedding day, we recommend you to choose shoes that will make you feel comfortable. Pick the ones that can boost your height without diminishing your ability to walk gracefully, for example, like elevator shoes for women. They are the type of shoes that will allow you to remember your wedding day as a magical event, and not like the day where your feet almost fell off.


Tall groom short bride ideas: Make your height gap work

If not even bridal shoes with high heels can make the trick for you, we have some ideas that can!


Adorable tall groom and short bride cake topper

Take advantage of your height gap and transform it into something adorable. You are not the only person who notices you are a short bride with a tall groom, so don’t fight it, make it obvious and cute. A tall groom and short bride cake topper is a fantastic idea to add positive humor to your height difference.


Tall groom short bride photos



We know you and your partner might struggle a lot when taking couple selfies, but having a professional photographer for your wedding day will make things much easier. Forget about having to stand up on your toes while your partner bends his knees. An expert knows how to photograph a tall groom and a short bride to create incredible memories you will treasure for years. And the secret relies on angles and strategic poses.


Tall groom short bride first dance

We recommend you not to miss the chance to use your height gap to your advantage during your first dance. He can easily lift you, like Patrick Swayze on Dirty Dancing, or carry you in his arms while spinning elegantly. You should avoid doing a dip and a side dip since it will require both of you to perform uncomfortable poses due to your height difference. And don’t forget to rehearsal!