Male Celebrities Who Wear Elevator Shoes Proudly

March 15, 2019

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Aha! So they thought we wouldn’t notice, but experts in height increasing shoes like us can recognize a person using a good pair of high-quality elevator shoes when we see one. Nothing wrong with it: we love people who want to stand taller and we understand that short men in Hollywood are no exception.


-  Tom Cruise

Mister. Impossible has been a loyal user of elevator shoes for a long time. He is 5’ 7”, which never stopped him from dating women much taller than him, like Nicole Kidman who is 5’ 11” and Katie Holmes, who is 5’ 9”. But his height did become an issue when he played the role of Jack Reacher, a character that was described as a 6’ 5” man in the homonymous book

tom cruise wears elevator shoes

Credits: Pinterest


-  Robert Downey Jr.

This actor’s height is 5’ 9” but his personality knows no measures. Rocking his own style and doing his own thing on the red carpet every time he stands on it, Robert Downey Jr. is an elevator shoes enthusiast. He usually wears an extra lift on set, which is much needed when he is standing next to Marvel’s superhero Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth, who is 6’ 3”.

Robert Downey wearing height increasing shoes

Credits: Pinterest


-  Brad Pitt

Time passes by but our crush for Brad Pitt doesn’t. He is 5’ 11” but increases his height with a little help of elevator shoes. Something to recognize is that he does know how to combine them with different styles and to draw attention away from his footwear.

Brad Pitt with elevator shoes

  Credits: Pinterest


-  Mick Jagger

Another celeb that likes to date a taller woman and is not scared of using elevator shoes. Mick Jagger is 5’ 10” but some rumors make us think he might be shorter than that: Rod Stewart used to say he was 5’ 8”. Whatever height Jagger is, we have seen him wearing hidden heel shoes with a style that can’t be replicated, just emulated by those men who are not afraid of taking bold fashion choices, and who also wants to have an instant height booster.

Mick Jagger with height increasing insoles

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-  Sylvester Stallone

Let’s be honest: when you have played roles as iconic as Rambo and Rocky, people imagine you as this macho man whose muscles are bigger than life and is tall as a tree. That’s why when people meet Sylvester Stallone they get a little surprised. Muscles are, in fact, big (his passion for bodybuilding didn’t slow down through the years), but his height is another story. Sources say his height is between 5’ 8” and 5’ 10”. We think that uncertainty comes from the different shoe lifts and height insoles he uses during his events and presentations.

Sylvester Stallone wearing elevator shoes

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Did you know these male celebrities wear elevator shoes? If even Hollywood stars, who are always targeted by the camera, wear elevator shoes, what are you waiting to wear yours? It doesn’t matter if you are shorter or taller than Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, you can integrate elevator shoes into your own style like Mick Jagger or Robert Downey. Jr and make them work in your favor.