How to match elevator shoes for men

May 15, 2019

JENNEN Shoes | Height Increasing Shoes for Men


Men and fashion are not water and oil, and that’s why in today’s post we will tell you how you can be instantly taller and look spectacular. Elevator shoes are your best allies if you are a man who wants to go through life with a couple more extra inches. How to match your height increasing shoes for every occasion? Give a look to this options!


All-black suit and brown shoes

You want to embrace the definition of dark, tall and handsome? Wear an all-black suit and a good pair of brown shoes. It’s the perfect combination for a formal event where you have to look elegant but still want to show off your good sense of style. Formal elevator shoes brown will add the pop of color your all-black outfit needs. Want to be edgier? Choose height increasing shoes with two shades of brown and metallic details.




Colorful and fancy

Sometimes, men think that the ultimate definition of an elegant and formal outfit is a black suit. And if it is not black, then grey. Okay, feeling daring? Navy blue. But a man with style like you would look so good in a wide range of colors. Don’t be shy and use the entire spectrum! Your trousers can be grey but your shirt can be more colorful or have a pattern. Matching men’s formal shoes and outfit can be tricky when a lot of colors are involved, that’s why we recommend you to maintain a similar palette of colors in at least two of your clothing items. For example, elevator shoes with a dark brown shade and a blazer in a lighter brown.




Ripped black jeans

Nothing more casual than a pair of ripped black jeans with a simple t-shirt. Keep your style minimalistic and trendy making a few simple modifications: roll up your jeans for a more youthful look and wear your black hidden heel ankle boots with short socks. You can make your legs look more elongated if you tuck the edges of your jeans inside your boots. The best about owning a pair of black height increasing shoes is that they are versatile and can match more than one style.



Flannel shirt

This is another men's outfit to match elevator shoes with that we love. The lumberjack look can be sported by any man, you don’t need a beard to look good in a flannel shirt. This is a perfect outfit for winter: to be cozy, wear a beanie and a scarf that match the predominant color of your flannel shirt. The final touch is a pair of elevator shoes that look like hiking boots. They are manly, add you plenty of inches and are comfortable.


Preppy look

Classy and modern, you can sport the preppy look in the summer. The light colors will make you look fresh and ready to spend time next to the pool or on a yacht. How to combine elevator shoes with your outfit? A pair of height increasing loafers fit this style perfectly. If you usually don’t use grey loafers, this is the opportunity to do it. Have fun combining greys, whites, blues, and reds.