How to choose the perfect wedding shoes?

October 15, 2019


We know you might be searching for the perfect everything for your wedding day so, in today’s article, we will talk about the perfect wedding shoes for men and women.


Find your perfect wedding shoes.


The perfect wedding shoes meet an important list of requirements. Follow our advice and you will find the footwear of your dreams to complete your wedding dress or your wedding suit.


Affordable wedding shoes


If you have already invested a lot of money on a DJ, catering, decoration, a wedding gown or a wedding tuxedo, then you might need to save some money when it comes to picking up the footwear you will be wearing when you marry. JENNEN’s recommendation? Establish a realistic budget limit and stick to it so you will narrow your options.


Appropriate shoes


Depending on the location of your wedding, a certain style of shoes could be better than others. If you are marrying on the beach, wearing high heels could not be the best idea and, if your ceremony is going to take place on a classy and elegant hotel reception, you might not want to wear boots.


Will your shoes be visible?


 credits: Photo by photostockeditor on Unsplash


Unless you are a fashionista groom and you are wearing palazzo pants on your wedding day, we can bet your shoes will be visible. That being the case, you have a couple of options to show off your shoes:


  1. Choose an outrageous color, like brown wedding shoes for men.
  2. Give a boost to your height: If you want to increase your height a couple of centimeters on your wedding day, you can do it and get away with it.
  3. Choose footwear with special details: Instead of going for the classic and plain black Oxfords, you can opt for shoes that have interesting textures or hand-sewn details.
  4. Combine materials: Another trend in men’s footwear is the combination of different materials. A leather shoe with metal applications would really stand out on your wedding day.


Brides can choose between wearing dresses that show their shoes or not. If your shoes are going to be visible, then we recommend you to:


credits: Photo by Viliman Viliman on Unsplash


  1. Wear heels or platform shoes: That’s if your legs are going to be visible as well. High heels and platforms keep your calves tensed, making them look better, and it also elongates your legs and, with the right posture, can make you look svelter.
  2. Wear shoes with rhinestones: Blind your guests wearing shoes that will sparkle at all times. The material where the rhinestones are pasted to can even be transparent, which will make it seem like you are only wearing rhinestones on your feet.
  3. Wear flats with interesting details: A comfy bride can wear flats as long as they look as good as they feel.
  4. Wear lace wedding shoes: One hot trend in bridal shoes is lace. The lace sticks out the shoes’ edges and covers part of your skin, creating a beautiful effect.


This was our guide to pick the perfect wedding shoes, did you find them yet?


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