How tall is James McAvoy?

November 28, 2019

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James McAvoy’s height is 5’7, but he often appears taller in his photos. One possible explanation for his height variations is that James wears elevator shoes to add a few more inches to his actual height. However, irrespective of his stature, McAvoy has made a skyscraping success for himself and has built an enormous fan base, both within and outside his home country. 

James McAvoy is a Scottish actor who is known for his exceptional acting skills and charismatic on-screen appearance. He is best known for playing the character of Professor Charles Xavier  in the superhero film series, X-Men. He further showcased his versatility in the psychological thriller film, Split, where he can be seen in the role of a young man suffering from a dissociative identity disorder. This role established McAvoy among the top actors of Hollywood and enlisted him in the good books of the critics.  

In this blog, we’ll compare James McAvoy’s height with other celebrities and observe the instances where he’s wearing height increasing shoes.


James McAvoy

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In the above photo, James McAvoy (right) can be seen standing beside some of the cast of X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Jessica Chastain, standing next to James McAvoy is 5’4 (163cm), and in this photo, she can be seen wearing high heels that are adding 3-4 inches (approximately 10cm) to her height. However, even after wearing high heels, she stands quite shorter than James McAvoy, which leads to the fact that McAvoy is wearing elevator shoes.

Further, Michael Fassbender (left) is 6ft (183cm) tall, but in the above photo, it looks like he’s standing almost at par with James McAvoy. Though he’s not standing at his full height, it doesn’t look like he’s made a steep bend while standing. This further tightens the fact that James McAvoy is wearing height increasing shoes, which makes him appear as tall as Michael Fassbender.


James McAvoy


In this photo, James McAvoy can be seen standing alongside the cast and the director of Glass. Samuel L. Jackson, standing next to James McAvoy, is 6ft2 or 188cm, while McAvoy is 5’7 or 170cm. Moreover, Bruce Willis, who’s standing to the right of Samuel L. Jackson, is 5’11 and looks relatively taller than James McAvoy in this photo. Hence, this could be one of those rare photos when McAvoy is not wearing any shoe lifts.

Here’s another height comparison of James McAvoy with actors Bill Hader and Jessica Chastain.


James McAvoy


Bill Hader (left) is 6’1 or 185cm tall and stands fairly tall in contrast to James McAvoy in the above photo. Also, Jessica Chastain, who is 5’4 (163cm), looks like she’s standing at her usual height. Although the shoes of the celebrities are not visible in the above photo, we can assume that none of them are wearing any height increasing shoes and are standing at their usual heights.  


James McAvoy


Daniel Radcliffe (right) is 5’5 (165cm) and James McAvoy is 5’7 (170cm). So ideally, the height difference between these two actors shouldn’t be more than 2 inches. However, in the above photo, it can be observed that James McAvoy is standing taller than Radcliffe by nearly 4 inches. Hence, he could be wearing elevator shoes.

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Hussain Delhvi. Content Writer@ JENNEN Shoes