How tall is Daniel Radcliffe?

February 05, 2022

Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe’s actual height is 5’5 (165cm). However, he sometimes can be seen standing taller, thanks to his love for height-increasing shoes. Radcliffe is a fan of elevator shoes and doesn’t shy away from using a pair at occasions such as when he’s receiving awards, or when he has to stand beside his taller co-stars.


Notwithstanding his physique, Daniel Radcliffe’s success knows no limits. He’s one of the most recognised celebrities today and has established himself as one of the most bankable stars of his generation. He is best known for playing the iconic character of Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film franchise, which went on to become one of the best-selling film series of all time. This franchise established Daniel Radcliffe as a global star and unlocked the doors for him to other successful projects.




In this blog, we’ll witness the instances where Daniel Radcliffe is wearing elevator shoes, and also make height comparisons between him and other celebrities.




Daniel Radcliffe is known for his indelible dressing and a bold fashion sense. He is often remarked as one of the best-dressed stars in Hollywood. In the above photo, he can be seen wearing a smart blue suit that fits perfectly on his body and goes well with the caramel oxford shoes. However, they aren’t an ordinary pair of shoes. Instead, they are equipped with shoe lifts that have added a few more inches to Radcliffe’s real height.


Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe's choice of footwear channels the same chic appeal you'll find in JENNEN Shoes' Mr. Saint-Saens.
Photo credits: The Mirror


In this photo, Daniel Radcliffe can be seen in his red carpet avatar, boasting one of his favourite pairs of height-increasing shoes. It looks like the shoes that he’s wearing contain a lift of about 4 inches. Hence, Daniel would likely be standing at 5’9 (175cm) in the above photo.

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Photo credits: J-14


In the above photo, Rupert Grint (right) can be seen standing 2-3 inches taller than Daniel Radcliffe. Grint’s actual height is 5’7 (173cm), and in this photo, the height difference is visible. Further, Emma Watson (middle) stands taller to Daniel Radcliffe in this photo, even though she shares a similar height (5’5 or 165cm) with him. Though her feet are not visible, it is evident that she’s wearing high heels which have added about 4-5 inches to her height. Hence, this could be one of those occasional instances where Radcliffe can be seen without wearing elevator shoes.


Photo credit: The Mirror


In the above photo, Daniel Radcliffe (5’5 or 165cm) can be seen wearing flat sneakers. He is walking alongside his partner, Erin Darke, who is 5’7 (170cm) and visibly stands taller by a few inches than Radcliffe. By looking at their shoes, it is clear that neither of them has put on elevator shoes and are walking at their normal heights.

How tall is Daniel Radcliffe?

The above photo provides the opportunity to make height comparisons between Daniel Radcliffe and his senior peers. Radcliffe stands at 5’5 (165cm), while most of his peers are taller than him. However, it shall be noted that the physical stature of these celebrities hasn’t come in the way of their success, as all of these gentlemen are established stars and cherish a higher ground in the modern cinematic world.


Besides being known for his tremendous success as an actor, Daniel Radcliffe often makes the headlines for his generosity. He is a philanthropist and actively contributes to charities, including the Demelza Hospice Care for Children. He is also an advocate of the LGBT rights and is associated with The Trevor Project that works extensively for preventing suicide among the LGBT youth, which earned him the 2011 Hero Award. Hence, Radcliffe isn’t just a hero on the silver screen but also in real life.


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-- Hussain Delhvi. Content Writer @ JENNEN Shoes.