First Impressions Count

January 20, 2018

JENNEN Shoes | Height Increasing Shoes for Men

Dress to win your job interview before you’ve even started talking.

It is said that a first impression is made within 7 seconds of first meeting someone, which gives you a very small window to make yours a positive one when interviewing for a new job. There are very few things you can say within the first 7 seconds that will help you to stand out from a crowd, so it is not unusual for your potential new employee to make their judgement based on the way you look and how you’re dressed. With that in mind, we delve deeper into how your looks and what you wear can form certain opinions and how to make sure you’re winning at the first impression game.

Your Height

Although typically not something that is easily fixed, studies show that men over 6ft tall are typically smarter and appear more successful, often being favoured in top-level management roles with higher salaries. It’s true - the average height of male CEO’s in Fortune 500 companies is 6’2 which paves the way for the stereotype of what leadership and power look like. Even if you’re not aiming for the top job, when the role comes down to the difference between you and one other candidate, the employer’s first impressions are going to influence their final decision.

We present to you the solution: the secret height increasing shoes that can add up to 5-10cm onto your height without anyone knowing. These shoes come in formal business or smart dress shoe styles and instantly increase your perceived height, without being uncomfortable or obvious. They include a built-in heel raise on the inside of the shoe and a slightly higher back to avoid your feet slipping out and the difference they make can be the difference between winning or losing the job.

ordinary shoes

Your Appearance

This one comes down to the clothes that you choose to wear to your interview and can be greatly influenced by the type of business that you’re interviewing for. Do your research to determine the type of company culture and dress code before deciding how formal to dress. Too formal and you may be deemed unsuitable for a casual company culture and dress code or too informal and you may not come across seriously enough. Always choose to overdress slightly more than what you gauge the dress code to be so as not to come across as looking scruffy. If you’re interviewing for a casual workplace with casual dress code, we suggest some  smart casual shoes that help to increase your height, with a smart-casual shirt and smart Chino pants. Need to take a more formal approach? Wear a business shirt & suit combo with formal light height increasing shoes and you can easily remove your jacket if you decide you need to tone own the formal once you arrive.

First Impressions Count

Your Body Language

With your increased height and smart look, the final key to giving them a killer first impression of you is to greet them like you already own the job. This is not to be confused with acting cocky, but appearing confident in the way you stand is almost like the visual version of using words to tell them you’re perfect for the role. At the risk of sounding like your mother, standing up straight is the number one way to appear confident even if you’re feeling nervous underneath. Combine this with a strong handshake, friendly smile and keeping eye-contact when introducing yourself and you would have nailed the first 7 seconds and won over your future employer’s first impression. The rest is up to you to talk-the-talk!

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