Elevator shoes: The perfect gift for a man

July 01, 2019



You have given the special man in your life a wallet, a watch, a shirt, a coffee mug, DIY stuff that is falling apart but he appreciates… but you are running out of gift ideas for your boyfriend at Christmas! Oh, and let’s not talk about his birthday. Thankfully for you, we have the perfect gift for every man! Surprise your boyfriend with designer elevator shoes. Why are height increasing shoes the perfect gift for a man? Here is why shoes with hidden heels should be between your top gift ideas for your boyfriend in your anniversary, Christmas, and any other celebration where you want to show him your affection with a present.


1. Your man is short and he knows it

This is a piece of friendly advice: a high-quality pair of elevator shoes will be a fantastic gift for your boyfriend on Valentine’s if you know he needs them. If you have heard him complaining about his height or wishing he was taller, then he will appreciate your gift. Why are we telling you this? Because some men are comfortable with their height and they don’t have any issue with how tall they are. If you gift your significant other shoes with hidden heels knowing they feel perfectly confident with themselves, you might make them feel insecure. If it is you who want your boyfriend to be taller, talk to him first before offending him.


Elevator shoes: The perfect gift for a man

2. They are shoes

Duh! Of course they are! But think about it, aren’t shoes a very personal gift? Most people don’t gift shoes to their partners because it can be very difficult to guess the right size. From all the gifts your man has received in his life, shoes are probably not the most common ones. So you will stand out by being one of the few people in his life who knows him well enough to get him a pair of shoes that actually fit him. Oh, and here is a little trick to make sure you buy your boyfriend a gift he will be able to use: grab the pair of shoes he feels most comfortable wearing and measure them. That way, you will be able to guess the size correctly and get the best gift for your boyfriend in your anniversary.


3. They are elevator shoes!

What is better than buying a gift for your boyfriend on his birthday that fits him well? Buying him something that will make him feel well. If you want to send your boyfriend a gift, height increasing shoes are a very good idea for a man who wishes to be taller. If he is a little sensitive about his height, let him know you only have good intentions and that there is nothing wrong about wanting to stand taller. Women want larger lashes and fuller lips, and they use makeup to achieve them. If your guy wants to be taller, he has the right to use shoes with hidden wedges and walk proudly on them.



4. Elevator shoes are very well made

Many people think elevator shoes are manufactured just like any other pair of shoes, but there are certain standards this type of footwear needs to comply with to fulfill their primary goal: make you taller discreetly. Shoes, like many other clothing items, tend to focus more on design than on their purpose. They are made to be replaced by the next hot trend.

That’s not the case with height increasing shoes. Even though they are stylish, their priority is to add inches to your height, and they cannot perform this task well if they are not extremely well made. They are made of top-quality materials because they are meant to last. They tend to have cushioned polyurethane insoles that keep their form over time and don’t compress with weight. Since they are made to be used for long periods of time, they need to be extremely comfortable and ergonomic. If you want a gift for your boyfriend for Christmas that is going to last a lifetime, shoes with a built-in heel are what you should give him.


5. They have design

Your man could be taller tying two bricks to his feet, but that’s not discreet at all; wearing a pair of stylish shoes is. Hidden heel shoes are the perfect gift for your husband on your anniversary because they are beautiful items to improve his wardrobe. If he is a man who needs to wear formal attires for work, you can gift him a pair of formal elevator shoes with edgy details as metallic buckles, textures, a mix of colors and more. If he likes to rock a casual outfit often, you can get him a pair of elevator sneakers.