Elevator Shoes or High Heels?

May 01, 2019

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High heels were specifically created to do one thing: enhance a women’s bearing. But they do it for a price: high heels have a negative impact on your health. Luckily, there is a healthier option to choose if you are a woman who wants to stand taller with style. In today’s post, we will tell you why you should pick elevator shoes instead of high heels.


High heels alter the natural function of your feet


Those stilettos you walk on haltingly can be causing you more damage than you think. Let’s learn a little more about our feet: the narrow area at the back is composed of the tarsus bones, the middle area is composed of the metatarsal bones, and the tip is composed of the phalanges bones. These three sections support each other to be able to bear our body weight.

Elevator Shoes or High Heels?

Credits: Photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

But when you wear high heels, two of these three sections are not in contact with the floor anymore. All your body weight ends up resting on your phalanges, which are not designed to face this task alone.


High heels cause arthrosis


Did you know that women who wear high heels frequently are more predisposed to suffer from arthrosis? This happens because our feet's function is to be shock absorbers and, when they cannot do their job well, our knees and joints are the ones who suffer the shock. This causes the joints to wear and inflame.

Arthrosis is something you need to be especially aware of if you are a woman (because women are genetically predisposed to suffer from arthritis), you are overweight and you have cases of arthritis in your family. Elevator shoes can be beneficial for your health in these cases because they have cushioned insoles, designed to absorb and diminish the impact of walking. They have a sole that resembles the natural shape of the feet, and they can add you extra inches without compromising your health.


High heels deform your feet

Elevator Shoes or High Heels?

Credits: Photo by CHAN Y on Unsplash

Look at your feet just after a few hours of wearing your high heels and tell me they don’t look like they went to war. You have calluses at the back of your feet because your skin rubs with your heels' straps, you have red lines (in some occasions, even cuts) on your toes because the front straps of your heels are tight and your pinky toe has a humpback because of how much it suffers when you wear your pointy shoes. Oh, and let's not talk about the ingrown nails.

Elevator Shoes or High Heels?

Credits: Photo by Jake Noren on Unsplash

Style and comfort can mix. Height increasing shoes are what you need if you want to stand taller and look more svelte without sacrificing your health. Shoes with hidden wedges add inches to your height without compromising your health because they are anatomical, they are cushioned, they have an ergonomic design so your toes will have plenty of space, and they are stylish. From booties to sneakers, you can find the elevator shoes that will fit your feet nicely and fulfill your fashion standards.