Bride Too Tall In High Heels?

February 18, 2018

Bride Too Tall In High Heels? - JENNEN Shoes

If you're getting married, want to wear high heels, and are worried about being taller than your groom on your wedding day, get your groom a pair of JENNEN elevator shoes. These shoes will increase his height by 7-10cm without compromising style or comfort. View all wedding shoe styles.

In preparation for my wedding day, whilst in Paris, my mother and I browsed many bridal stores, searching for the perfect wedding gown and bridal shoes. After much contemplation, the shoulderless lace, by San Patrick, romanticised my body, and so I was decided. As for the shoes, I fell in love with Jimmy Choo Bridals; embroidery dusted by a few sparkles with a 12cm heel. I felt relieved that I had organised my wedding dress and shoes well in advance, and could now focus on planning the wedding day itself.

A couple of months before our wedding day, I gave my girlfriends a sneak peak of my wedding shoes, as they seemed eager to see them. The first reactions were enthusiastic and supportive, but the comments proceeding were unexpected. ‘Wow, they’re high! You’ll be taller than Josh!’ What seemed obvious to them hadn’t occurred to me. I felt a little embarrassed that I had chosen shoes that were so high that I would tower over Josh.

Josh is 183cm (6ft) and normally a good 8cm taller than me, but with these heels, I’d stand taller than him. I then remembered going out with Josh years ago when I wore my highest heels, which made me taller than him. He didn’t really like being shorter than me. What was I to do? I didn’t want him to stand on tippy toes to kiss me at the altar, or for me to bend down to kiss him. I didn’t want him to be shorter than me during our combined speech, in our wedding photos, or at any time throughout the day. I didn’t want to take his ‘manliness’ away, but I HAD to wear my Jimmy Choos!

Fortunately and by coincidence, my mum found the solution to my predicament a few weeks later. While she was travelling interstate for work and waiting in the Qantas Lounge, she found an Ad in a magazine for shoes that make men taller. I had never heard of such a thing, but it seemed absolutely perfect for my situation. I told my girlfriends about it, and surprisingly (and bit annoyingly), a few of them already knew about these shoes but didn’t think to mention it to me earlier!

I had to investigate, so we went to the JENNEN store in Sydney. Low and behold, it was a men’s shoe store dedicated to these types of shoes! All of them had a hidden raised heel inside of them. There were about 30 wedding shoe styles to choose from and they actually looked normal. They even had casual and sports shoes. I felt the heel inside, which was quite spongy and seemed like they would be pretty comfortable to wear. The sales assistant said that most of his customers were women like me, looking for shoes to make their men taller. Who would have thought?!

A few days later, I brought Josh into the store to choose a style that would go with his suit. On a side note, I felt a little bad that my shoes had cost x amount, whilst these men’s shoes were under $200. We chose a pair of Mr. Aristotle, a patent black leather design that complimented his Armani suit. The shoes made him stand 7cm taller, which made him a comfortable 3cm taller than me on our wedding day. After looking through our wedding photos, I must admit that I’m very happy that we went out and got him these shoes, otherwise I’d just be towering over him in all these memorable photos. For all the ladies out there who are in a similar situation, I can’t recommend these shoes enough!

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