Best Elevator Shoes for Grooms

April 01, 2019

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From all the occasions where you could be rocking a good and stylish pair of height increasing shoes, your wedding day is, probably, the most important one. You might want to stand taller to show off your fantastic and well-fitted suit, to have good wedding pictures (especially if you have a bride that is your same height and who will wear heels): whatever the reasons are, it’s not only the bride’s day, it’s your day too, and you deserve to look and feel wonderful. As experts in height increasing shoes, here are our top 5 elevator shoes for grooms.

Wedding Elevator Shoes Collection


-Classic lace shoes

Less is more. A good pair of classic lace shoes, in a lustrous black shade, will fit any wedding suit perfectly. If you are the type of guy who enjoys the simple things in life, a pair of shoes with a traditional style will make you feel comfortable. This type of shoes will add you around 5cm, enough to make you taller without it being suspicious.



-Classic moccasins

If besides being a classy type of guy, you are also one that likes to lose no time, moccasins are going to be your go-to footwear. Easy to put and to combine, this type of shoes in black or brown leather are a very popular option for grooms who enjoy minimalism. When using moccasins with height increase insoles incorporated, do not add any extra heel lifters or your feet could slip off the shoes.



-Edgy moccasins

If you are a groom that likes the old classics to be reinvented, you can opt for a pair of wedding shoes for men in a bold color. Instead of choosing a common hue of brown, you can push it further and go for a dark brown. Instead of going for shoes with a solid color, you can get a pair that combines two in its design. We love height increasing shoes for grooms that have little details, like metal applications.


Brown Elevator Shoes


-Ankle boots

You have a personality that fills a room and, even though you might not be the tallest guy in your party, you want to look like you are. What are some 5 more extra centimetres? The type of elevator wedding shoes that you should wear are ankle boots since they can add to your height 7.5 cm. Men wearing elevator shoes of this style can add shoe lifts to it too. You can purchase ankle boots with texture or zippers, for an edgier look.




-All white

We think that all white shoes are a very good choice of elevator shoes for grooms. Why? Because they are statement shoes that catch attention instantly due to their bold color and uncommon design, not because of their height insoles. You can get even 6.5 cm taller with this tasteful shoes while looking elegant. Match them with a light colored suit, it will be the perfect combination if you are marrying in spring or summer.

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