Are you a shorter groom?
Not anymore!

April 11, 2018

Are you a shorter groom?<br> Not anymore! - JENNEN Shoes

When you’re in the midst of planning your big day, or at least supporting your future wife as she plans your big day, one of the main things you’ll cover is what you and your groomsmen are planning to wear. And while it’s all well and good to be the same height as your future bride in your daily life, things change when she puts on her new wedding heels and suddenly she’s looking down to you at the altar. It’s not great for your ego and certainly not good for your wedding photos, so we’ve got just the solution to help you get through the day by being the taller one out of you both and leaving the day with lasting memories rather than sore feet.

Some men opt for shoe lifts or height increasing insoles into their wedding shoes to give them a lift. Whilst these work for a small height increase, grooms often admit to ending the day with blisters all over their feet as the lift or insole moves around within the shoe and causes painful rubbing. On top of the pain, heel lifts raise your heel within your existing shoes which often causes your heels to slip out when you walk and can cause pain in your lower back as you try to walk differently to stop this from happening.

We couldn’t think of anything worse than having to spend the whole day in uncomfortable shoes and potential pain and thanks to JENNEN Shoes, you can now get the invisible height increase you’re looking for, but without the pain. Each shoe features an in-built heel height increase that won’t slip around or cause pain whilst you walk. As an added bonus, the back of every shoe is slightly higher than regular shoes to avoid your heel slipping out as you dance the night away with your new bride.

Ready to find your perfect wedding shoe? We’ve collated our favourite pairs of comfortable wedding shoes for a secret height increase.

Webern Matte Black





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