Mr. Watson Dark Brown 7cm | 2.8 inches Taller Oxford Leather Elevator Shoes

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These two-tone brogue shoes for men will make you taller without compromising style or comfort.


The total height-increase includes the visible outsole and hidden insole.

To increase your height by a further 1.2cm, select one size larger and insert 1.2cm Ezylift insoles.

We don't recommend inserting 1.6cm Ezylift insoles as these may cause your heels to slip out.


  • Brown brogue wedding shoes for men with built-in height
  • Upper material: Premium grade cow leather
  • Outsole material: Premium rubber
  • Insole material: Non-compressing polyurethane with JENNEN cushion comfort layer
  • Total height increase: 7cm
  • Visible outer heel thickness: 2.5cm
  • Built-in, hidden heel thickness: 4.5cm


These stunning dress elevator shoes are very popular amongst grooms and those with a good dress sense.


With its two-tone appeal and brogue pattern, Mr. Watson exudes sophistication and class. Compliment your smart-casual or formal look with Mr. Watson.


This is due to arrive at our Melbourne warehouse by 13/7/22.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wayne A.

Found you through searching online! Was looking to add some height for the wedding.

Vishal K.

I was looking for elevator shoe online and found this website. Great variety and I'm really excited to try the shoe!


I ve bought dad quite a few pairs over the years and have been to your store in melbourne. Great product and service


Friends recommended these shoes to me. They truly deliver the height boost. I wish there were more styles


We bought your elevated shoes for my husband to wear on our wedding day. They were perfect.


We found you guys through the Jetstar magazine in flight. We are getting married and find the shoes not only add height but also look really nice.


The website is laid out well, very simple and straightforward. Future improvements could be to have a wider range/design of mens formal shoes. Looking forward for the arrival of this product.

Women across the globe adore high heels since they provide an instant lift to their height. But what about men? Is there a similar option for them to increase their height instantly? The answer is YES!

In this article, we’ll discuss how a pair of best elevator shoes for men can instantly elevate your height and help you stand taller and self-assured.


What men’s shoes will make you taller?

At JENNEN Shoes, we offer a designer selection of elevator shoe options to choose from so that you always have the perfect pair to wear, no matter the occasion. Our height-increasing elevator shoes for men come with customisation options. You can adjust the elevation by inserting height-increasing elevator shoe insoles for men that come in different variants, such as 1.2cm and 1.6cm, so that you have the liberty to stand at your desired height. These unisex heel lift inserts can be cut and trimmed to fit into any shoes, be it the versatile Mr. Watson brogue shoes that provide an elevation of 7cm, or the height-boosting sneakers Mr. Bravo that boost your height by 6cm.


How do elevator shoes work?

Elevator shoes are specially designed shoes that have thickened sections of insoles placed under the heel section that helps the wearer stand taller. The elevator shoes differ from the high-heeled shoes in a way that the elevating component is not visible to the observers, and they provide excellent comfort to your feet which is usually not the case with high-heeled shoes. The insoles are made from non-compressing polyurethane using the JENNEN cushion comfort layer that acts as a shock absorbent and amplifies the comfort. The mid-soles ensure aeration of the shoes and protect them from premature deterioration. Further, the outsoles are manufactured from premium rubber that allows a natural instep that adds to the comfort of the shoes.


Are elevator shoes bad for your feet?

It depends on the make. Some elevator shoe brands are uncomfortable to wear. Many are heavy with hard insoles and steep gradients that replicate women’s high heels. Well structured elevator shoes, like JENNEN Shoes, are carefully crafted to ensure they’re comfortable, lightweight and durable. JENNEN Shoes are worn by people who want to stand taller than their real height and improve their posture. Our height-increasing elevator shoes for men are ideal for interviews where it is essential to appear our best. And, the use of elevator shoes is not restricted to just formal meetings. At JENNEN Shoes, you can find some of the most stylish pairs of elevator shoes for men in Australia that help you stand taller and confident for any occasion. The best thing about our products is that they look discreet and can easily match your style. Hence, you can achieve your desired height without feeling self-conscious.


How can I get taller shoes?

There are plenty of elevator shoe options that you could find online, but there’s always a question on their credibility. And if you are somebody who’s buying the shoe lifts for the first time, it’s probably best to shop at JENNEN Shoes. We are the leading brand of elevator shoes for men in Australia. We have served over 100,000 men, including some of the most distinguished personalities of Australia, who have bought and adored multiple pairs of our elevator shoes. Our products are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort and are available in two variants – leather and vegan. Unlike most brands, our products are handmade. Each pair is carefully crafted to perfection by dedicated craftsmen, who invest their heart and soul in ensuring that even the tiniest errors are terminated, and you are provided with the best elevator shoes available in the market.


What are the available sizes of elevator shoes for men?

Most shoe designs available at JENNEN Shoes are offered in a wide variety of sizes ranging from EU37 to EU44, while some models are available up to EU46. In US sizing, we offer sizes 6 up to 12, and in Australian sizing, size 4 up to size 10. To find out your shoe size, place your foot against a wall and measure its size with a measuring tape. You could even seek the assistance of our support team to ensure increased accuracy of the measurements. When taking the measurements, you might get different readings of your feet. This is common, and there’s nothing to worry about. For instance, if your right foot measures 270mm and the left foot measures 272mm, then it is recommended that you buy size EU44. If you are still unsure about the exact sizing, we recommend that you opt for one Euro size larger.


You’d either love wearing elevator shoes or might find them incompatible. Whatever might be the case, it’s still great to know that you always have the option to toss in a few extra inches to your real height by wearing elevator shoes. And if you buy a pair from JENNEN Shoes, the only person to know that you’re wearing shoe lifts is you. So why wait? Try your stylish pair of height-increasing shoes today and join over 100,000 men, including men in authoritative positions in Australia and the US, who stand taller and confident with JENNEN Shoes.