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Our handcrafted height-increasing shoes are designed in Australia.

All our styles are available for purchase online with free delivery Australia-wide.

All online orders are dispatched within one business day.  

Alternatively, please visit our Australian stores

We've satisfied thousands of customers in Australia and abroad with the quality of our elevator shoes, fast delivery and friendly customer service. We've solved many couples’ height-related issues.

Our elevator high shoes for men are not like women's high heels, which can cause back pain and sore feet if worn for extended periods. Our taller shoes provide plenty of cushioning, ensuring that they’re well supported and comfortable to wear. The height-increase lies in the internal build-up of the shoe, so the height-increase is completely hidden.

Our online size suggestion guide can help customers select their size. If the size isn’t quite right, a return is easy to organise.

Our height-increasing shoes are carefully handcrafted using only the finest leather and materials. Our height-increase insole shoe lifts are made from premium quality polyurethane and won’t compress over time. Feel free to read testimonials from many of our appreciative customers.

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