Boxing Day Sale

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What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is traditionally held on December 26 each year. It is one of the largest sale events every year, which also makes it a popular day for physical shoppers and online customers. Think of it as our Australian equivalent to Black Friday for Americans!

Are Stores Open on Boxing Day?

You bet! In fact, tons of stores are open on Boxing Day specifically to give people amazing discounts on their favourite items. Major stores and vendors, including Jennen Shoes, offer discounts of up to 50% or more on favourite items and major offerings. There are even special sales for items that will not be repeated for the rest of the year!

Why Have a Boxing Day Shoes Sale?

At Jennen, we always take an opportunity to provide our customers with top-tier men’s shoe sales. The more people who can afford our footwear, the better!

What Does Jennen’s Boxing Day Shoes Sale Include?

Come Boxing Day, we will be offering 15% off on all our main shoe lines and categories. If you need classy, elegant, or casual elevator shoes for any occasion, you can find them in our online store.

Use code: BOX15 on the checkout page. 

Even better, we will be offering serious Boxing Day sales for many of our popular men’s shoe categories such as formal shoes, wedding shoes, platform shoes, elevator shoes and dress shoes. If you have seen one or more elevated shoes on our website over the past year and wanted to try them, Boxing Day is your chance to grab them for less!

Stand taller and walk comfortably with any of Jennen’s Boxing Day men’s shoes.

How Long Does Jennen’s Boxing Day Shoes Sale Last?

Our Boxing Day sale will last for 48 hours (Ends 27/12/22), but many of our most popular elevated shoes will sell out much more quickly. If you want to snag a pair of your favourite elevator shoes, do not wait!

We invite you to come to see our Boxing Day offer online. Try Jennen’s elevated shoes today!