7cm | 2.8 inches Taller

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For those looking for a substantial but not over-the-top height boost, our 7-centimetre men’s elevator shoe collection is here to help you make a rock-solid impact. Seamlessly blending into the shoes they’re a part of, the platforms that make our 7 cm elevator shoes special not only add height but also a bold new stance. 

JENNEN shoes are created with the principles of comfort, compatibility, elegance, and function, allowing you to outline yourself among the crowd with style and gratification. We cater to the whole planet’s needs in terms of the fit and look of each of our 7 cm elevator shoes, and have served over 200,000 customers to date, assisting them to approach life with the confidence required to get the job done. From best-sellers like black formal dress shoes and height increasing sneakers, through to unique derby and oxford styles, discreet shoes, and even sandals, our comprehensive range of 7 cm elevator shoes combines need with execution. 

Jump onto our online store today, and browse the JENNEN difference, with our huge collection of 7 cm elevator shoes to suit any occasion! Buy your favourite set today, and see how strong you can feel in a pair of our shoes.