10cm | 4 inches Taller

Imagine being a whole 10 centimetres taller. Going from 5 foot and 9 inches tall all the way to 6 foot 1 inches, isn’t that just incredible? Well, made from the best quality materials and tailored to perfection, our JENNEN 10cm elevator shoe range can do exactly that, and allow you to feel incredible day-to-day. 

Whether it’s platform shoesboots, or Cuban booted wears, our range of 10 cm elevator shoes can help you stand out from the crowd, both literally and figuratively. They are designed to last, handcrafted by some of the best local cobblers in the business. They’re versatile, meaning you can approach any situation or event with pride, and are plenty friendly on the old bank account too. 

So, if you’re needing a prop up, or a way to feel on top of your universe, then look no further than our 4 inch elevator shoes range. The booster integrates into the shoe stylishly, giving you a lift that will allow you to enjoy the taller side of life. Now, all you need to worry about now is going out and enjoying life at a whole new level with our 10 cm elevator shoes!