Top 5 Vegan Shoes for Kiwis

November 18, 2019

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New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From skiing to snowboarding and from mountaineering to underwater diving, there is a bucketful of reasons to visit this amazing place. And above all, the New Zealanders, colloquially referred to as Kiwis, are an exciting bunch of people. Besides being warm and welcoming, they are dedicated environmentalists and refrain from any activity that may directly or indirectly harm our planet, which boils down to their choice of the products they use in their daily lives.

Keeping in mind their fairly social lifestyle and avid love for nature, JENNEN Shoes has created some of the most impressive vegan shoe designs that take good care of the Kiwis’ appearances and their community values at large.


  1. Gershwin

Mr. Gershwin is one of the most popular shoe designs at JENNEN Shoes. Their subtle and elegant make will amplify your personality by adding a 7cm lift to your height, and prepare you for any occasion. These elevator shoes are vegan-friendly and are made from premium microfiber instead of cow leather. Plus, the insole is made from non-compressing polyurethane that adds more comfort to these shoes. Style these premium height-increasing shoes with a charcoal grey or navy blue suit for achieving an elegant look.  


  1. Ferras

Mr. Ferras Vegan Black 8cm | 3.2 inches Taller Elevated BootsGive your casual look a contemporary twist by pairing it with Mr. Ferras Vegan Boots. This stylish pair of height-increasing shoes will give you an instant lift of 8cm. These smooth, glossy casual boots will add intrigue to your casual outfit and place you in the full glare of publicity. Unlike most boots, Mr. Ferras is made from premium grade microfiber that makes them more durable and long-lasting, besides making them environment-friendly. These versatile shoes can be worn with everything from skinny jeans and a casual button-down shirt to chinos and denim jackets.


  1. Lazar

Mr. Lazar Blue 6cm | 2.4 inches Taller Vegan Elevator

Mr. Lazar is a contemporary take on one of the most popular shoe designs around the world – the skate shoes. Designed in Melbourne, these premier elevator shoes are built from premium grade canvas that enables them to last longer. The outsole is made from premium rubber that adds to the durability of these shoes, while the insole is constructed using the JENNEN cushion comfort layer technology that makes them more comfortable and breathable for the wearer. Slip into this stylish pair of elevator skate shoes for an instant lift of 6cm. Team them up with distressed jeans and a graphic tee for a relaxed look for the weekend.


  1. Beethoven


Stylish. Elegant. Graceful. Mr. Beethoven is your perfect companion for a dine-out, an opera, or a wedding ceremony. Designed in Melbourne, these vegan height-increasing shoes are the result of fine craftsmanship and hours of hard labour. Made from A-grade fabric and premium rubber, these shoes can last a good year if cared for. Stand taller and confident with these stylish party shoes that add a lift of 7cm to your actual height. Pair them with a tuxedo and brace yourself for a flurry of compliments! 


  1. Lynette

Ms. Lynette 6cm | 2.4 inches Taller Ladies Elevator Sport Shoes

Ms. Lynette is one of a kind shoe design that offers both comfort and style, besides adding an elevation of 6cm to your actual height. This pair of women’s height-increasing shoes is laced with a roomier toe box and durable rubber outsoles, which makes it the perfect pair for your daily use. The upper material is made from knitted-mesh that ensures higher breathability of the shoe, thus making it more comfortable to wear on all surfaces. Spruce up your casual look by wearing these stylish elevator shoes with a pair of slim jeans and a casual T-shirt.


New Zealand is an achingly beautiful country full of magical landscapes and grandiose architecture. But, it’s the people who have breathed magic into this country. Their vivacious spirit and everlasting energy is the essence of this marvellous nation. JENNEN Shoes is a socially aware company that creates environment-friendly products. Buy a pair today and join over 200,000 men, including Australian politicians, businessmen, lawyers, Hollywood celebrities and ordinary citizens, who stand taller and confident with their stylish pair of JENNEN Shoes.


 Hussain Delhvi – Content Writer @ JENNEN Shoes