How to pick wedding shoes for men

August 01, 2019

JENNEN shoes - Wedding Shoes for Men

Your bride will look stunning on your wedding day, what about you? We know grooms want to look their best too and that’s why JENNEN, the expert in height increasing shoes, will tell you all the dos and the don’ts of wedding shoes for men.


Shoes must match your suit

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Many men often believe that black shoes are like a lifesaver when it comes to fashion, but they might not match all that well with your suit. Wedding shoes for men should always enhance your suit or tuxedo. Apart from taking into consideration the color of the suit you will be wearing on your big day, you should also pay attention to the style and the fabric.


Time of the year

Are you getting married in the summer? Or are you going to get married during the heavy rain season? Whatever the time of the year is, your shoes should be ready to protect you from the elements. Be aware of your own body to know what type of shoes could make you feel more comfortable. If you tend to have sweaty feet, summer will only aggravate this situation, so opt for shoes with soles that are anti-sweat.


Location of the wedding

The location usually gives the guests an idea of how strict will the etiquette be, so it’s a good clue for you too. If you are marrying on the beach, then you can wear men's beach wedding shoes that have a more relaxed style, like black ones with no laces. On the contrary, if your wedding location is in a timeless church, you should go for very formal shoes like black Oxfords.


Height increasing shoes might be necessary

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Okay, we know you can’t see your bride in her wedding gown, but you should definitely ask to see her wearing her bridal shoes. Then, stand next to each other: is she taller than you or your same height? If she is and that bugs you or her a little bit, the solution is to get height increasing shoes for grooms. They will give you an extra boost without anyone noticing it and help your posture. Will also make you feel more secure and can be very helpful when taking wedding photos.


Wear comfortable shoes

Remember you will be standing up for quite a while and, even when you finally get to sit down, you might need to stand up again to dance, celebrate, greet guests, take pictures and more. Wear men’s bridal shoes that allow you to do all those things and more with comfort.


If you don’t want your pinky toe to end up looking like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, you should make sure the tip of the shoe is big enough for your toes. Very thin socks might not protect you at all if the material of your shoe is hard leather. Thick socks can play against you if you are wearing your exact size of shoes. If the material of the soles is too hard, it can hurt your feet. To solve this problem, you can use cushioned insoles, to both add softness to your shoes and boost your height.


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