How to buy elevator shoes online

July 15, 2019

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Online shopping is definitely less stressful than in-store shopping. From the comfort of your own house, you can visit dozens of stores and, what’s even better, get unique discount coupons! The only problem: how do you get your right shoe size when shopping online? You can’t just tailor shoes like you can tailor clothes, and that’s why we are going to teach you how to measure your feet to shop elevator shoes online.


You can get your ideal shoes online


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash


Many people wonder: “Should I buy elevator shoes online?”. Yes, you should! If you haven't bought shoes with built-in heel lifters online before, don’t worry, it's not that much different from buying regular shoes online. You can buy height insoles first and add them to your regular shoes to experiment with different heights and see how comfortable you feel. Walk around with them and, once you have found the number of inches you want your hidden heel shoes to add to your height, the most important part of buying shoes online begins. The only thing that will guarantee you to buy shoes with hidden wedges that will fit you well is to measure your feet accurately. How to do it?


The Brannock device


credits: Pinterest


This device is made of steel and it was created by Charles Brannock, whose invention hits a major milestone during World War II. This device can accurately measure any feet and get its exact size in its three dimensions. Now, we know this is the type of equipment that a footwear house has and not a person wanting to purchase shoes online, that’s why there is a much more simple option…


Two pieces of white paper, a pencil, and a ruler




First, put on socks, then, place the white papers on the floor, stand on them and mark the outline of your feet. The socks are necessary because you don’t want to buy height increasing shoes that are going to be too tight around your feet when you wear them. You have to measure both feet because our bodies are not symmetrical. One of your feet will be a little larger than the other one. You must get shoes that will fit your larger foot.


Then, grab a ruler and measure the outline of your feet. Do it from the tip of your toe to the back of your heel. Be very meticulous when doing this because one centimeter can be the difference between a pair of hidden heel shoes that will fit you perfectly or not.


Once you have these measurements, choose the one from your largest foot and compare it with the size guide of the online store you want to shop from. Where to buy elevator shoes? In JENNEN we manage 3 types of sizes, for men and for women: EURO size, AUS / UK size, and US size. Plenty of comfortable, trendy and high-quality height increasing shoes await you in our online store.